Thursday, August 8, 2013

Technological Advancements In Power Tools

You may be a person who deals with power tools in your daily operations .For you to be able to work conveniently you should make an effort of buying tools that are of good quality .In your exercise of buying the tools you should make sure that the tool that you have bought are easy to get when it comes to the power tool spare parts .This is a necessary consideration because buying tools which you will be inconvenienced to use due to the limited availability of power tool spare parts can lead to your daily work facing challenges which are hard to overcome. The tools that you will be buying should be able to use the most recent technology in the power tools. The following are some of the technological advancement in the power tools.

Availability of battery operated tools

Tools require energy to be operated. You may be required to swing your hand as a way of powering the tools to work. Sometime you may be required to use electricity in powering the tools. One of the drawbacks of using electricity is that you will be required to be connected to the mains supply. What about when you are in a place where there is no electricity supply? You may be forced to stop working and wait till the connection of electricity is made. The advancement in power tool technology has lead to the introduction of battery powered tools. These are tools that make use of the battery power to work. This is a great advancement as you will not need the electricity or get tired of handling the tool by your hand swinging to and fro. The use of lithium ion batteries has enabled the tools to be used for a long time due to the long lasting batteries made of lithium ion.

Introduction of small sized and powerful tools

Due to the advancement in power tool technology there is an introduction of power tools which are small in size. The small power tools are advantageous when handling them because they will lead to high precision .High precision is a desirable quality in power tools because through high precision the quality of work is always better. There are some power tools that require quite high precision for the process to be successful. With small tools having high precision the workers will be highly pleased with the work of their hands.

Pressure tools have increased in their power capability

Due to the advancement in technology especially the pneumatic technology there is ability of the great achievement where the workers handling the power tools can be able to drive large nails which are usually hard to drive by hand, using small hand gun nails is quite easy. This is a great achievement because workers can be able to drive a lot of nails in a day hence improving their productivity. The precision is also guaranteed hence making the net output of the work to be desirable. This can easily enable large loads of work to be accomplished easily in a construction industry.

You may be interested in buying the most recent power tools for you to enjoy their convenience .You should try and buy the one you will not be stressed when looking for the power tool spare parts after the tools break some parts.

Friday, June 7, 2013

XBox One - More Bad News! Microsoft Rep Reportedly Degrades Gamers as 'Lamers'

So Microsoft recently tried to quell some of the outrage over some of their decisions about the direction of their new console. Unfortunately, they've dug their hole even deeper with some even more recently released information...

Speaking on condition of anonymity, one occasionally reliable leak informed United States of Technology that games will only be able to be played from 6-9pm, Central Standard Time, Monday through Friday. Apparently, even though they reportedly have 300,000 servers on line, their will still be some balancing to do. The leak claims the reason is traffic is highest during those times, and gamers can just "relax and play some Blu Rays or something on the weekends. I mean, what's the big fucking deal? Get a life, 'lamers'. " It is actually a possibility that Sony has implanted a mole deep within Microsoft's gaming division who is literally doing the exact opposite thing that every potential Xbox One buyer wants in a console.

In addition to the time restrictions, new games are expected to retail at $79.00 to reflect the additional development costs as well as Kinect integration in games. Also, the same leak mentioned they have an unreleased potential box art of Titanfall, and in reading the fine print on the game, the retail license is only good "for one year." So not only will you only pay $79.99 for Titanfall, you can only play it from 6-9pm. You must be online once every 24 hours. AND your game expires after 12 months and you will be forced to purchase the license again at full retail price.

Sony could literally release the PS3 with the number "4" stenciled on the case and they'd be the run-away victor in this next-gen race.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Apple TV Jailbreak Update Accouncement!! May 2013

Apple TV junkies - here is a quick update of the (hopefully) forthcoming Apple TV 3 Jailbreak!

According to, hackers are still working on the injection vector; ALL hopeful jailbreakers are recommended to stay on OS 5.X; the GUI Jailbreak took Absinthe seems to be the frontrunner.

Here are some additional resources we recommend following as we all seek out a jailbreak for the Apple TV 3:

Stay tuned, we're monitoring the situation as closely as possible. As soon as we find an Apple TV 3 Jailbreak, you guys will be the first to know.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Mobile Phones: Then and Now

Without doubt, mobile phones have transformed the manner in which people communicate today. It is impossible to even fathom how people would talk with each other in the days long past whereby landlines, phone booths or letters were the only methods of carrying out everyday communication. However, with the introduction of the mobile phone, things have been simplified to a very high degree.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Apple TV Jailbreak - UPDATE January 2013

It's time to celebrate like the hippies in the picture! We have finally heard of a team of developers that is getting painstakingly, excruciatingly, damn close to the coveted Apple TV 3 Jailbreak we've all been waiting for!

Rumor has it that the Chip Jailbreak Team expects to have a beta version of an Apple TV 3 Jailbreak by early next week! According to a recent press release, "technicians are working full time now to develop the software compatible for Apple Tv 3 jailbreak that is already available for customers in beta version and untethered jailbreak version is expected next week."

This is a legitimate team of hackers developers working on this life changing hack: according to their press release, they are: "the famous developer of previous iOS 5.1.1 jailbreak utility that has been downloaded by over 500,000 Apple customers."

Famous? Maybe. Smart? Hell yes. Modest? Hell no.

As always, stay tuned to United States of Technology to know the MINUTE the Apple TV 3 Jailbreak is ready for your hockey puck.

Read full press release here

Monday, December 17, 2012

Dropbox for iOS Gets a Facelift

The 100 million user-strong filesharing app Dropbox announced an update to its app for iOS on its blog Friday, December 14th. The update did not add many features, but instead, changes the interface and access of current features. Users can now browse photos they automatically uploaded using a date-based view in a new photo tab. Tapping the photo brings up the full resolution version. Dropbox also streamlined uploads. Navigating to the desired folder and tapping the + icon allows both uploads and creation of new folders.   

Washington and the FCC Blast Loud TV Commercials

How frequently have you been watching a pleasant television show when BLAM! A loud annoying commercial for oxyprochiaclappergainnoweightupperextenze buyitnomoneydown cars comes on and destroys your good vibe? Thanks to passage of Thursday's Calm Act, diving for the remote during commercial breaks is now a thing of the past. 

Photo via:
President Obama signed the Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act in 2010 and the FCC approved the rules last December; the CALM Act is supported by the National Association of Broadcasters and the National Cable & Telecommunications Association as well as lawmakers on both sides of the aisle.
Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, D-R.I., a sponsor of the bill, applauded the measure at a news conference. “Loud TV commercials have been among the most common consumer complaints to the FCC for decades now...While this is a small issue compared to the big challenges facing our nation, it is an unnecessary annoyance in the daily lives of many Americans, and I'm glad to have done something about it.”
Excessively loud commercials have been a leading complaint since the FCC started tracking trends in 2002.  Consumers can file complaints using the FCC's online form 2000G.